WBro Octavian Lazin, Worshipful Master of Mowbray Lodge
Rak Bhalla
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WBro Octavian Lazin, Worshipful Master of Mowbray Lodge

Octavian is currently living in Sunderland with his wife Hanneke and 3 month old son Roman. Together with his wife they run a few ventures of which one is a coffee roastery and commercial coffee machine business. They supply cafes in and around the UK. His hobbies and interests revolve around business and family, he is always keen on learning something new and enjoys travelling. He is actively involved in his Church and local community.

"When I became a student at the University of Sunderland, I had seen the Masonic Hall and became interested in finding out more about Freemasonry. I then discovered that students under the age of 21 can join Freemasonry as part of the United Grand Lodge of England's Universities Scheme, which my Lodge participates in. I found that the symbolism of Freemasonry is impressive and I was keen on finding out the meaning behind this. I also have an interest and an appreciation of great architecture which, whilst Freemasons are not literal builders, is apparent in the organisation's buildings.

"I was born in Romania and moved to the UK when I was young. My parents encouraged me to integrate and there are few organisations that have a more welcoming nature than Freemasonry. I have met people from all different backgrounds and we meet as equals. I believe the most important parts of Freemasonry are the charity work that we do and the opportunity for self-discovery and development. A Freemason has a love for life, charity, his community and his fellow brothers. He has a good and positive temperament. He is kind by his nature. If you want to be one, ask - approach a member, go to Masonic events, ask questions and join!"
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